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NDS Micro Channel

The NDS Micro Channel drainage system has a narrow design engineered to catch runoff in pool and spa applications.  Considered heel-proof, Micro Channel’s narrow grate openings allow the plastic channel drain to meet ADA requirements.

Micro Channel’s plastic grate is recessed to increase the strength of an already durable polyethylene channel.  The Micro Channel is a one piece drainage system that comes in ten foot lengths and three colors: white, gray, and sand.

NDS’s Micro Channel product line contains channel accessories that increase the system’s design flexibility, allowing more complex layouts while maintaining a high water evacuation rate.  T-sections, and 90° and 45° channel elbows improve the design range.  End, bottom, and side outlet channel sections allow for the most efficient drainage route available.

NDS Micro channel installed around pool
NDS Micro Channel Cheat Sheet
Channel Length 10 ft
Channel Width (OD) 1-1/4"
Channel Width (ID) 1-1/4"
Outlet Sizes 1-1/2"
Available Depth 3-1/4"
Max. Flow Rate 3.06 GPM, per foot
NDS Micro Channel parts

Micro Channel dimensionsMicro Channel Components

Take a look at the Micro Channel components listed below. Click on a part number for a photograph. Some system parts offer PDFs for download. Also, you can view the Micro Channel Catalog Listing for a system overview.

View the Installation Details.

View complete Micro Channel Technical Specifications.

Part Number

Item Description


Part PDF Availability

8001 White Micro Channel w/ Coupling (10 ft) 5.00 8001
8002 Sand Micro Channel w/ Coupling (10 ft) 5.00  
8003 Gray Micro Channel w/ Coupling (10 ft) 5.00  
8301 Micro Channel 45-degree White Channel   0.30 8301
8302 Micro Channel 45-degree Sand Channel  0.30  
8303 Micro Channel 45-degree Gray Channel  0.30  
8371 Micro Channel Tee-Section White Channel 0.40 8371
8372 Micro Channel Tee-Section Sand Channel 0.40  
8373 Micro Channel Tee-Section Gray Channel 0.40  
8381 Micro Channel 90-degree White Channel  0.30 8381
8382 Micro Channel 90-degree Sand Channel  0.40  
8383 Micro Channel 90-degree Gray Channel  0.40  
8461 Micro Channel 1.5" End Outlet White 0.10 8461
8462 Micro Channel 1.5" End Outlet Sand 0.10  
8463 Micro Channel 1.5" End Outlet Gray 0.10  
8471 Micro Channel End Cap White 0.05 8471
8472 Micro Channel End Cap Sand 0.05  
8473 Micro Channel End Cap Gray 0.05  
8481 Micro Coupling - White 0.10 8481
8501 Micro Channel 1.5" Bottom Outlet White 0.35 8501
8502 Micro Channel 1.5" Bottom Outlet Sand 0.35  
8503 Micro Channel 1.5" Bottom Outlet Gray 0.35  
8511 Micro Channel 1.5" Side Outlet White 0.35 8511
8512 Micro Channel 1.5" Side Outlet Sand 0.35  
8513 Micro Channel 1.5" Side Outlet Gray 0.35  
8601 Micro Channel Holddown Clips - White 0.10 8601
8651 Micro Channel Clean Out - White 0.30  
8652 Micro Channel Clean Out - Sand 0.30  
8653 Micro Channel Clean Out - Gray 0.30  
230 Micro Channel 6" Installation Stakes (bag of 24) .5 230

Complete Micro Channel kits are available in our online store. Our Micro Channel kits are offered in 10ft lengths and are cut to 5ft lengths for easy UPS shipping to your home.

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